Saturday, June 16, 2007

Baby Butt Crack

On Thursday, I got all of my work done by 2:00 so that we could put our suits on and hit the pool for a little bit of sun. I found Jackson some little water shoes so that he could wear them to Palm Beach, but I let him wear them in Grandma's backyard too because the cool deck was hot for some reason. After we splashed for a little bit in the pool, Jackson wanted to 1. Play with the radio and dance (he couldn't get the music loud enough) and 2. Play in the Rocks (typical boy) No clue as to why he felt the need to SIT in the rocks too, but he's stubborn and anytime I'd move him, he would crawl back through the rocks--so if it hurt him, it was his own fault. I take it it didn't bother him too badly. He sat there for about 20 minutes just picking up the rocks, and putting them in the bucket, and then throwing them back in the rock pile and then lining them up....whatever keeps him occupied! But we got a peek at his crack everytime he would reach for a new rock!

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