Thursday, June 21, 2007

Only at GG Jane's....

...can this child get away with being so messy and eating so much sugar! At my house, Jackson gets little to no sugar. We eat pretty healthy--lots of organic, veggies, fruits, etc. But nothing is off limits at GG Jane's! He already knows exactly where the pantry is--the minute we walk in the door, he grabs her finger and pulls her over to the pantry door, points, and says "ndat, ndat".

This week has been filled with Mommy working with clients and on the phone alot and getting images out, so we have spent the last few days at GG Jane's hanging out and playing. Yesterday, Jackson got a banana Popsicle (they were sugar free, but still!) and was allowed to roam freely throughout the house (while it melted down his arm)! Again, this would NEVER happen at my house! I am such a freak about it being clean, and sticky floors are a no no! But GG Jane spoils him rotten, so he can do no wrong over there. (Although this is probably the reason he looks like pig pen when we get home and always needs a bath!) (excuse my sloppy coloring, I was in a hurry to process and post these!)

Today, we were over again, this time to make Jackson's "practice" birthday cake. I'm making and decorating his cake, so I needed a trial run. I set Jack Jack in his chair with some Gerber Graduates Lil Entrees, and let him chow down on the raviolis. Instead of eating them, Jackson decided to finger paint with the sauce instead, and although I think this is utterly disgusting, and again, I wouldn't allow it at my house, I had to laugh hysterically because I think at first, he thought he was in trouble, then saw me laughing, stuck his tongue out at me and enjoyed "painting" for about 10 more minutes! This is probably why he loves his GG Jane--her house is just too much fun! ....but now it's time for another bath!


Sheri said...

Grandma's place is always a special, wonderful place to hang out. Jackson is a very lucky little boy to have GG Jane in his life. I remember the wonderful times I spent at Jane and Joe's here in Wichita. GREAT MEMORIES!

Ramie Babcock said...

I miss their house in Wichita--I loved that house! So many memories!