Sunday, June 17, 2007

Father's Day

This morning, the whole family was up bright and early to start our Father's Day! We had a long day ahead of us. We stopped by Kroger first, to grab some special things, then on to see Grandpa Scott first. Jackson walked in carrying a balloon on a stick that said "Dad" (from me) for Grandpa, along with a chocolate cake that said "Happy Father's Day" (his favorite, although I'm sure he would have preferred a cake from Randall's--they have the best chocolate cakes, but it was not on the way!) and a dish of 3's company Sushi--his other favorite! We spent about an hour with my side of the family, then it was off on a road trip to El Campo to see Grandma Doug for a father's day/birthday party for him! Jackson walked into Grandpa Doug's with a balloon on a stick that said "Dad" (from Adam)! We saw the entire family: Clint, Rickie, Marley, Austin, Elliott, Kayla, Camden, and Grandma Patty! We had a great dinner followed by the best ice cream cake! (I love my father-in-law...he always has ice cream in the fridge! Cake at my dad's and ice cream at the in-laws...possible why these last 5 lbs won't come off!!) We got some images of all the boys and their kiddos on their 1st (Clint's 3rd) father's day!

Adam, Jackson, Grandpa Doug

All the boy and Marley

Clint, Austin, Grandpa Doug, Marley

Elliott, Grandpa Doug, Camden


Kayla said...

I love the pictures of all the boys and Marley and the one of my boys with Grandpa Doug! I am going to have to get some copies of those.

Sheri said...

Would loved to have seen a picture of Grandpa Scott, his girls, and Jackson? Really loved the picture of Grandpa Doug with all his boys and grandkids.