Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Mr. Domestic

I am starting to accomplish something, very early on in Jackson's life, which is to make my son self sufficient. I want him to know how to sort, wash, and fold his own laundry, and make his bed, and take out the trash, and iron his work shirts, and vacuum--all things Adam is getting better at, but has no desire to do! (typical man!) (Adam is an AMAZING cook though!) So over the past few days, Jackson has been showing signs that he is watching and learning as mommy and Grandma Netty clean around him!

Jackson helps mommy fold the laundry (check out the video Adam took on his phone!), and then helped Mommy put away the "empty" bottles of detergent and fabric softner! And last night, Adam and I were watching TV and Jackson headed off into the kitchen with a baby wipe he had pulled out of the tub. We didn't really know what he was doing, and when he got a little too quiet, we looked over and saw him wiping the floor with the wipe! Thank you, honey, for helping Mommy clean the floors! You are going to make a great hubby someday!

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