Thursday, June 21, 2007

Lil Squirt

I FINALLY got Jackson's Lil Squirt splash pad in the mail yesterday, so we took it over to GG Jane's to play in her backyard this afternoon after we made the cake. (notice the fat belly--that's after 2 days of sugar and fun with her! Ha!) I got it from my fav store, One Step Ahead(can't get enough of them!) We let him run naked outside! (and yes, he is playing with his pee pee in one of the pics!) Needless to say, I think you can tell that he liked his little pool!


Sheri said...

Jack sure is having FUN!!! That is a neat looking pool. Easy to cart around Ramie?

Ramie Babcock said...

Yes! It folds flat so I can take it to the grandmas houses!