Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Happy Birthday Grandma Netty!

We have TOO MANY BIRTHDAYS in June! But today was Grandma Netty's day! We got up early, got dressed, and out the door to pick up breakfast at Sonic (breakfast burritos--yum!)

Jackson spent the morning playing in his "new" rocking chair. Grandma Netty and GG Jane pulled it out of the attic yesterday. I got this rocking chair for my 1st birthday. It's a Jenny Lind--we all had one. They were popular in the 80s--Adam and his brothers had one too! While they were in the attic, they found Hugo Pete (Aunt Tacey's Cabbage Patch doll from about 20 years ago!) It was, and still is, a very ugly Cabbage Patch, but remember the 1st year they came out and people were lining up and running over each other to get them off the shelves? Well, Stacey got the red-headed Hugo Pete, and I got Darby Rhonda (my favorite doll, and I still have her!) And now, Jackson likes his new buddy. He grabs him by the hand, and puts him in the rocking chair and rocks him, he tries to share his bink with him, he wants mommy to hold "babeee, babeee". It's cute. Although he won't get to play with dolls for obvious reasons, he's allowed to pull this little guy around for a little while (GG Jane says it will make him a good Daddy someday, so I was teasing Adam that he MUST have played with dolls all the time when he was little, too!) Don't worry, he still loves his cars and his baseball and football!! Oh, and John Deer tractors! Yes!

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