Friday, June 08, 2007

Palm Beach

This morning, after staying up LATE working, Jackson and I packed it up and drove to Galveston to check out Palm Beach! He LOVED it! It's a man-made beach at Moody Gardens and they have a splash park that we spent most of the morning at. Basically, it's a bunch of water sprinklers that spray and you run through them--and Jackson was hysterical. I am going to try and get some better images the next time we go (we got a season pass, so we can go any time we want!), but he would run through the spraying water, run up to me to pick him up, and then giggle! We had a blast! I can't wait to take Daddy there!

These pictures are awful because I was trying to maneuver my professional Canon away from the water, and watch him to make sure he didn't fall, and wipe the water out of my I said, I need a waterproof, underwater camera for the next time!


Sheri said...

Your professional eye says these pictures are awful - I say they are wonderful! Jackson must be walking like a pro - This park would not have been as much fun if Jackson was still crawling.

Jack sure did seem to be having a great time! Look at that smile and his blue eyes glistering!

Sheri said...

Okay Jack wasn't smiling in those pictures like he was in the basket but he still looked like he was having fun!