Monday, June 04, 2007

Boeing Picnic

So last week, Daddy left us. He went on a week-long fishing trip! He needed to take some time off work, and what better way to relax than go bay fishing with your best friend. So he left on Tuesday, and Jackson and I hung out at the grandparents house for most of the week. On Friday, Grandpa Scott's company had an employee picnic. They had face painting, and moonwalks, and slides, and a dunk tank and PRIZES!! It was alot of fun. But the best part (aside from the cotton candy--YUM!) THE MOONWALK! All the big kids were in it for a while, but when it was time for the pinata, all the older munchkins scattered, leaving that bouncer empty! Some of the other mommy's picked up on this, and all of us put our babies in at the same time! They didn't really know what to do, but Jackson figured out too quickly that he was in a cage that Mommy wasn't coming in, so he hauled ass to the middle and parked it! He sat there, bouncing, and rolling around--then he would move to the sides, and when Mommy and Aunt Tacey came around to see him, he would grin at us, and then haul ass to the other side--far far away from us! A little while later, no one was in it, so I asked if I could get in with him--and I did! We jumped really high and Jackson laughed histerically! He loved it! I was throwing him in the air, and bouncing him on the floor like "popcorn" as we called it on the trampoline! It was great!

The best part of all--DADDY SURPRISED US and came home early! He met us up at the picnic and Jackson was so excited to see him! He looked up like "Hey, I know you! Where've you been?" and waddled on over with his arms up! So cute!

The rest of the weekend has been a blur. We had a photo shoot on Saturday, and on Sunday, we got our yard work done in the morning, ran some errands, and then headed to Grandma Netty's house to lounge by the pool (they were gone, so we had the pool all to ourselves!) My friend Rachel came over too, and we ate dinner and chatted and got some sun....super relaxing! A great ending to a LONG week!

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