Friday, June 01, 2007

"Big Boy" Shoes

Jackson hit another milestone yesterday--one that I'm not sure I am ready for. Like I've posted in the past, Jackson is walking--all over the place! He is steady and fast and just a real toddler now. Since he is walking so much, Grandma Netty thought it was time for his first pair of Stride Rites. He's been wearing his Robeez for about 4 months now (a shoe that I LOVE LOVE LOVE and swear by! We have 2 pairs and have NEVER lost one--they can't get them off! And they are super cute! They have a similar kind at Target, but I could never find his size or cute ones for boys, so I just bought them online) but he needs something with a hard sole.

So we went on our first shoe shopping adventure. Jackson was fitted--something that he found very interesting! He kept looking down at his foot, then at the young lady helping us, then at that big metal thing, then at his foot, then at me and giggled! It was funny! He also really enjoyed pulling ALL OF THE FREAKING SHOES OFF THE DISPLAY! I kept saying "no no Jack, I'm not picking any more up. Stop that" and Grandma Netty kept saying, "He's alright, he's just picking out the one's he wants. Go ahead Jack, pull them all off of there." Great, thanks Grandma. We ended up getting getting him the Stage 3 Tennis Shoe. I thought he was more ready for the Stage 2 (which have a more flexible bottom) but he drug his feet in those and walked awkward. He was cruising in the Stage 3 and they aren't too heavy for him, either. We got the ones that tie (I know...) because I hate the Velcro ones--they looked funny on him.

On a side note: Jackson ended up with the infamous "Babcock Wide Foot". I know that his cousin Avery has a wide foot (or so I was told) and I think that Marley has a wide foot, so Jackson is right "in step" with the rest of the offspring, I guess! Ha! Ha!

My mom kept asking me if I liked them, and I really do, they are cute on him and he likes them, but I think she could tell I was a little sad about the whole thing. As we were leaving, she said "It's okay, you can cry now!" and I almost did. He'll never be that little munchkin learning how to walk again--all stubbling and bumbling around. I liked this stage. I'll miss it. I am truly understanding why people say, and I've said it too, that they grow up too damn fast....I guess that's why people have more kids, huh?! (Don't get any ideas's not happening for about another year or so!)


Sheri said...

Not to many more days until Jack can say he is "1". Jack is working on holding up 1 finger-right? You have done a great job cherishing every moment of Jack's life with this blog and pictures! Many more memorable times ahead!

Annette said...

Haven't gotten the 1 finger yet, but we are working on blowing out the candle!

Ramie Babcock said...

Coop is getting so tall! I love it! He is a doll baby! I sent you the disc in the mail--hope you got it! Kiss that kiddo for us!