Monday, April 02, 2007


This weekend, it poured. And when I mean poured, I mean POURED! So Saturday, we literally stayed in our jammies and did almost nothing (okay, we went to the eye doctor, ran some errands, tried out a new resturant, drank mojitos for lunch, then came home and took a LONG nap) We also busted out the video camera and got video of Jackson dancing! I love it! My goal for next week to is put all the videos into little clips and add a section to the blog for video clips! We have some pretty funny stuff that I would love for you all to see! Jackson went to bed pretty early, and without a struggle, so Adam and I actually got to enjoy an evening together with popcorn and an entire movie with nobody crying (Superman Returns). It was great!

On Sunday, we slept in a bit and got ready to go to mass at a new church--St. Paul's in Nassau Bay. We thought we were going to 12:30 mass--but no, it was at 12:15, AND it was in Spanish! SO instead of mass, we headed to Kemah and met up with Grandma Netty and Grandpa Scott for lunch on the Boardwalk. This was Jack Jack's first trip to Kemah, and it was filled with watching the seagulls, playing in the "fountain", watching the sailboats, and riding the Merry-Go-Round!! And, Mommy didn't have her camera--but Grandma had her point-and-shoot, so we got a few shots that are pretty cute! The first time on the MGR, Jackson rode with Mommy and Daddy, and the only one left was a goat. But we set him up there, and get grabbed a hold of the bar, like he knew exactly what to do! And then he started kicking his legs, as if to say "giddy-up!" The next time around, he went with Aunt Tacey and Grandma Netty, (and they got the Zebra!) and he acted like a pro that time--smiling for the camera and giggling!

Last night, I had a photo shoot, so Jackson and Daddy hung out for about 4 hours, and in that time, Jackson started not feeling good, and has had a bit of a cold ever since. Right now, we are laying in bed trying to get this little guy to go to sleep, but he's just so uncomfortable--he is also getting 2 more teeth and I KNOW they are bothering him. We had a menthol bath, Baby Vicks rubbed on his chest, and the humidifier going with menthol, trying to get his nose to stop running. He's also loaded up on Tylenol and the Hyland's tablets, so I'm REALLY praying that he get comfy and sleepy soon and sleeps well tonight...I'll let you know tomorrow how is goes.

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Annette said...

He's a slippery little sucker when that thing gets moving!