Thursday, April 12, 2007


So today started out awful...when I said that Jackson was a good boy and went to bed at 8:15pm, he did, but after I shut my computer off at 11:40, took my contacts out, peed, put my jammies on and was crawling in bed, HE WOKE UP! And not only woke up, but woke up happy and wanting to play--as in, mommy trying to lay with him in her bed and shoosh him back to sleep, and Jackson wanting to pretend Mommy was a mountain and try and climb over her....this lasted until 1:15AM when I finally gave him a bottle and he conked back out. Although that didn't last long, because Adam went in to check on him at 6:30 before he left for the office, Jackson saw him and started screaming, and from then on, was awake, and again, wanting to play....CAN'T MOMMY GET 5 MINUTES OF SLEEP! I can't blame him; maybe he just couldn't sleep--we all have that some nights, and I'm sure babies have it to.

Adam and I had a meeting and lunch date, so Jack Jack stayed with Grandma Netty, then the afternoon was filled with me working on the computer and Jackson playing some more with Grandma...and when I was all done, we got to lay by the pool!! It was so beautiful today! Jackson hung out in the shade in his pack n play, watching Mommy and Grandma, and then: we put him in the grass on a pool towel. You remember that he doesn't like the grass? No different today--and the funniest part was that the towel was his boundary! He would NOT move off that towel! He just sat over by the fence all by himself, smiling at us, and then moving in circles around the towel trying to find "a way out"!

Then Aunt Tacey came home from work, and Jackson just made himself comfy in her lap...

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