Sunday, April 22, 2007

Papa Roach

On Friday, our neighbor's came over and asked us "Hey, do ya'll know a band called Papa Roach?" I said "Yeah, why?" "Well, the guitar player is my nephew and the band will be at my house tonight if you guys wanna stop by." So I was excited that Jackson was going to meet Papa Roach--the only problem was that I knew the name of the band, just had absolutely no clue what they sang! So I had to google them, and then search them on iTunes to listen to every song to see if I knew any of them--I only knew 2. But Adam knew them, and has loved them for years, so he was like a little kid too!

I felt weird walking in and taking pictures, but we walked in the door and Adam said "Can somebody here sign my baby?!" It was hillarious! The lead singer, Jacoby, said "Ah, what a cute little man" and with that, Jackson reached his arms out and went right to him, although he was a little curious about all the tattoos, the black hair, and the skull and cross bones necklace. I got one shot, and of course, my flash is being retarded (I need to send it in, just have been so busy!) and the image is not that great, but here is Jackson's first picture with a celebrity:


tzalas02 said...

That is hillarious!!! I happened to come across this by accident but that is definitely very cool for your son!!!!

Ramie Babcock said...

Who are you?