Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Oh, Poop!

For all those new mommies out there, or anyone wanting babies of your own, here's some info to learn. Poop: it's inevitable that you will change a poopy diaper sometime in your lifetime. At first, you think it's going to be awful (if you've never been around kids) and it probably will be. But for us (now) veterans, poopy diapers are really not a big deal--until the poop starts changing! There are MANY stages and COLORS of poop. When Jackson was born, and up until 6 months, he was exclusively breastfed, so his poop was that mustardy-yellow, non offensive odor poop--actually, it smelled like buttered popcorn (I SWEAR--ask anyone in our family!). They were easy to change! As you introduce new foods, poop takes on the color (and the smell) of whatever they ate! Sometimes it's orangy, ALOT of times it's green...and then when you introduce meats, it becomes utterly offensively horrifically smelling!! It's all normal, but it's just amazing to me that in a few months time, not only does the child change, but their poop does too...something to look forward to!

And as a side note: when they have the biggest, poopiest diaper is the same moment that they choose to roll over and try and get away the second you take that Pampers off! IT IS NOT FUN! VERY CHALLENGING! And that's why they say mother's can juggle anything.....

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