Sunday, April 29, 2007

Condo Gang Babies...Zoo {Wichita Day 3}

Oh my goodness! We had the BEST day today! We got up early to be able to make it out the door in time for brunch and the Meyer's (Doug and Sheri Meyer and their girls, Lea and Cori all lived next door to my parents when we lived in the condos--mom and dad's first home...they stayed friends after everyone moved into new homes and their little group would have card parties once a month with all of us kids playing downstairs, so we all grew up together--hence the fact that we call them the Condo Gang) Lea and I were preggers at the same time and she had Cooper 6 days after I had Jackson, so the grandma's have swapped stories and pictures for 10 months now (and they are "Jackson Blog Stalkers" too!) so it was obvious we needed to have our first play date!!

Sheri greeted us with hugs and tears--it was so sweet! Cooper and Jackson hit it off right away with hugs and kisses too! We let the boys play for a little bit, and then, WE ATE! Sheri had prepared the most amazing spread of waffles and french toast and fruit and bagels and yogurt and juice and, oh my gosh, I gained 10 pounds at breakfast! It was SOOOO good! Jackson also got to talk to Daddy on the phone, and for the first time, put the phone to his ear and spoke into the phone! It was hilarious!

After brunch, we got the kids together and headed for the Sedgwich County Zoo--both the boy's first time at the zoo (and now we realize, they were about a year too young, but we really just went for us "big kids"!) Jackson's favorite was the elephants and the giraffe, although I thought the petting zoo was a lot of fun with the babies!

After the zoo, we wanted to go for ice cream and Lea suggested Cold Stone. Jackson got his second taste of ice cream (again, bad mommy!)

Last night, I finally got together with my best friend, Jenny and her hubby Kevin. They had been playing softball for 3 days, so it was hard to get together, but we went to dinner and then called it a night!

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