Sunday, April 22, 2007

Another Wedding Weekend

Jackson, like his mommy, is becoming a professional wedding crasher! Although Mommy normally gets paid, Jackson has been to so many weddings already that he should be assisting me! Our friends, Jennifer and Jayson were married this weekend in El Campo, and during the reception, we found out that we have many frequent visitors to the blog! That is awesome! Everyone kept coming up to Jack Jack saying "Hi! I feel like I know you because I read about you and see your pics all the time!" (The funny thing is that some of the people, I didn't even know! Ha!) And I am totally flattered that so many people take time out of their day to check out my son! Thanks! (also, please call on me if you ever need a photographer--that's my PSA for the day) And I promise to keep updating almost EVERY DAY, because we also found out that people get a little pissed if there are not new pics (...alicia....not to name names or anything) But if we are lacking on Jack's blog, check my photo blog because it probably means I'm working....but here are some pics that we snapped in between glasses of wine at the wedding!

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