Sunday, April 29, 2007

Giggles, giggles, giggles {Wichita Day 4}

Jackson has been FULL of giggles today! He is walking all over the place and then starts histerically laughing--at nothing. We got up this morning and had breakfast from Spangles....hmmmm, breakfast pitas. You can't beat them!

We got dressed and went out to Garden Plain to visit with my god mother and her husband, Terri and Lynn Nelson. They used to live in Goddard, but now live on about 2 acres of land--it's beautiful out there! Their daughter, Angela, has two adorable little boys, Drayton (5) and Carson (2). Jackson loves playing with the big boys! Carson and Jackson played in the Cozy Coup for a while, while Drayton showed us what a great soccer player he is! We visited for about 2 hours before Jackson had really had enough and needed a nap! (our trips are a little short these days--he's just at that age)

So after a bottle and a nap in the car, we headed back over the Carolyn's for some more fun and gold fish.

We were back at Uncle Bob's for a great steak dinner and then off for ice cream at Braums again (good lord, we will need to run ALOT when we get home to burn off the sweets) The best part is that this time, we got Jackson his own kiddie yogurt cone (okay, seriously, I am awful and I know that he should really not have the sugar or the dairy...but I promise to not give him any more until his birthday. The kid never gets sugar (maybe that's why he is all giggly) so a little bit over the past few days won't hurt him, right? Ha!) I got so many great pics with mom's camera! The funniest thing is that my uncle is trying to show Jackson how to eat his ice cream cone, and at the same time, going "hmmmm...that's good ice cream....hmmmm" and then Jack starts doing the same thing--"Hmmmm...Hmmmmm...Hmmmm" with every bite, then giggling and smiling like he is just too cool! Then, he turned it over and bit the bottom of the cone! We were all laughing so hard, that we (okay, just my mom) nearly peed our pants!

After we got back to the house, Jackson and I were downstairs and he was just being silly! He would take off walking (kinda drunk-like) and then fall on to his belly and just giggle his head off! Then he would crawl along the couch just laughing! I was chasing him, then dancing with him, then tickling his to death! It was a good good that it wore him out and his is now sound asleep without being rocked! I laid him in the pack n play and he was out! It was a good day!

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