Wednesday, March 28, 2007

9 months {updated}

We started the day with breakfast of yogurt, Cheerios, and a bottle. Jackson is now able to sign "milk", yet at the same time, we know he's hungry when he says "mi miiiill", or "mo miiilll" or "my miiiilll". Remember when I thought he FINALLY said "Mommy" for the first time--I think I was mistaken, because they sound so much alike! But as a note for his 9 month birthday, here are some milestones:

*Stands ALONE
*Climbs the stairs (up only)
*5 teeth (working on 6 and 7)
*Waves and says "bye bye"
*says "dada" and "mama" and "papa"
*Walks behind walker alone
*Dances to music (mostly when he's kneeling)
*Opens cabinet doors (and pulls all the diapers onto the floor!)
*Watches for birds and airplanes
*HATES the grass! He'll stand on one foot to avoid it!
*Eats any kind of fruit, and most veggies (except broccoli and peas)
*Loves Handy Manny and Johnny and the Sprites
*Can spend HOURS in front of his Leapfrog Learning Table
*Likes to "play" the piano
*Smiles and giggles at everything!
*Likes to swing, go on walks in his stroller, and be outside

Yesterday, I had a photo session for a friend of mine in the studio, and while she was making a clothing change, I took Jackson out of his jumperoo (his watching point while I'm working!) and put him in front of the camera for about .2 seconds:

(notice how he's holding his mouth--I think his teeth were hurting him today..."more teething tablets, please, mi miiiillll")

We go to see Dr. Wardell (for the last time...she's moving and we will miss her dearly! She's been so wonderful! I just love her and so does Jackson!) at 2:30, so I'll update tonight with his stats and info! He also gets shots today (so sad) but Daddy will be there too, so hopefully it won't be so bad!

We just got back from saying our goodbyes to Dr. Wardell--she is off to Palestine, TX (home of my friend Brandie) and as she walked out of the office, Jackson said really loud "BYE!" and waved--too cute! He is now 20 lbs (50%tile) and 27.25" long (25%tile) She thinks he is growing well and impressed with how animated he is and how strong he is in nearly walking. She said he is ready to try some meats--so we gave him some chicken tonight with green beans, and of course, he ate them up! He is a really good eater! We told her we just weaned him at 8 months, and she was happy that we nursed for as long as we did--hence the super healthy baby! I highly recommend breastfeeding--it may seem weird, but the benefits are phenomenal--if you can do it, DO IT!! Some babies are not good breast-feeders, but if they latch on well, keep going!


Lea said...

So amaizing how similar and how differnt our two boys are. I can not wait to get them together. We had Cooper's 9 mo. on the 19th (Spring Break) and he was 21 lbs. and 29.5 in. CRAZY!!!!

Ramie Babcock said...

Coop may be bigger, but Jackson might be meaner! He's in his hitting stage and I hope he is over that by the time he meets Coop!!...and I thought Jackson was tall! Maybe Coop will be tall like his Aunt Cori!! Basketball star??

Anonymous said...

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