Sunday, April 29, 2007

Traveling to Wichita!

Today we traveled to Wichita for the first time with Jack Jack! We got up at 6:00am and were out the door by 7:00. Our flight started out great--Jackson loved the overhead air. Grandma Jane kept lifting his up to feel the air, and he would open his mouth and then laugh! And about 5 minutes before take off, he fell asleep on Grandma Netty's shoulder, only to wake again right before landing! Such a good boy!

We picked up our rental in Ok City and headed up the highway to Kansas! Of course, we had to stop and make a pee break at Braums--Jackson had his first taste of ice cream (I know, bad mommy!)

Once we strolled into town, we had to stop and buy a pack n play for Jackson--we needed one for at GG Jane's so we figured we'd buy one hear and then mail it home. We got a pretty cute one that is brown and baby blue (I love those colors together!)

We arrived at my Unlce Bob and Aunt Michelle's house around 4:00pm. Jackson met their dog Tyson (who is a large large yorkie) and went right after him for a kiss! Kinda scary considering Ty has never been around babies before--and the best part was that as Ty was trying to check out Jackson by trying to sniff his butt, Jackson was trying to kiss Ty, so they went round and round and round! Jackson also got to meet Cousin Danielle and her hubby TJ who live in Oklahoma! TJ is a youth pastor and Danielle is a teacher. Jackson was drawn to TJ (maybe is was his bald head, or maybe his cool glasses, but either way, he kept wanting TJ to hold him!) We visited for a little bit and them put my overtired child to bed!

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