Thursday, January 04, 2007

Happy New Year

Well, we have to say goodbye to 2006. So far in my life, 2005 and 2006 have been the two best years. In 2005, I got married, started my business, bought our first house, found out we were pregnant...then spent most of 2006 preggers, until the best day ever: June 28th, when Jackson was born. It truly was a full circle moment for me, in that I had dreamed all my life of getting married (having the big Catholic wedding), finding out we were pregnant, and being able to make a huge announcement to my family...and then the day Jackson came into my life, I honestly felt like I had achieved something bigger than me. I was, and have been, so happy to be a wife and ultimately, a mother. Someone asked me this weekend, "You love your life, don't you?" And I can honestly say, "Yes, I love my life!"

So as we say goodbye to 2006, I am looking forward to 2007 with LOTS of goals for myself: and the main one is to enjoy EVERY minute with Jackson. Through the teething and the whining, and his habit of fighting sleep, to watching him learn how to crawl and walk and his first birthday, I am so ready!!

But before all of this can happen, Daddy and I tried to party like rock stars for New Years!! We headed to the Bay (our close family friends, The Freemans, have a bay house that sleeps about 20, give or take, so we claimed a bed downstairs for the night!) for drinks, steaks, fishing, and fireworks!! It was so much fun, although it was cold, too cold for Jack to be outside, and I was indoors most of the night. In addition to being too cold, Jackson was wired and did NOT want to go to sleep (big surprise!) Before we got to the Bay house, I stopped and bought some party hats, blowers, streamers, etc, and Jackson had fun wearing his Party Time hat...actually, he just really wanted to eat it, but I got some pics of him wearing it before he pulled it off!! So while Daddy lived it up with the 3 horseman (there are 4 from high school that are still best friends, but Brad didn't make it home from Austin), Mommy was inside, rocking and walking, and resting with Jackson until he finally conked out at about 10:45, then I was out in full force to watch the awesome fireworks, drink some champagne, and kiss my hubby at midnight! We brought our digital monitor and attached it to (a not so sober!) Daddy! We were sure that the professional fireworks show that the Freemans shot from the end of their pier would surely wake him up! It didn't, and Mommy drank some more champagne and White Merlot. But at 1:00am, I was tired and headed inside with the baby!

Happy New Year!! Next year, though, we are getting a babysitter!

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GG Jane said...

I get first dibs on babysitting next New Years Eve