Sunday, January 14, 2007

Catching up, Finally!

Jackson, Adam, and I have been very active lately! After Christmas, we had New Years resolutions to accomplish--and that included finishing projects! Our first goal was to get the shed put together and the garage cleared out so we can renovate (again) my studio and create a more professional space. So last Saturday, we called on Grandma Netty to take Jack Jack for the day and we got to work on building the Rubbermaid shed!! It is wonderful! Everything fits in that bad boy and my garage is CLEAR!! I'm ready to start decorating and organizing it!

On Sunday, Adam and I again sent Jack to spend the day with the grandparents and we attached another project--the patio. The deck part was finally finished before Christmas, but the concrete patio had to go! I think in a past post I noted that Adam and I got the deal of a lifetime--tiles that were 20x20 and usually $6.?? ea, we got a $1.00 ea!! Well, those cheap tiles look so amazing on my back porch!! Jackson spent the first part of the day watching us, but it didn't last long before he started whining and we called gma and gpa. But it's done!! And we love it!!

So much has gone on with Jackson, it's hard to remember it all! (I'm going to be typing everyday from now on to make sure I don't forget!) Jackson has eaten many new foods lately: mangos, avocados, and pears! He loves them all--he's a really great eater! We're still making all our own baby food--something I really enjoy doing and I know he is getting a great start with food. I also got him a Fresh Food Feeder and he's eaten bananas all by himself--although he makes a bit of a mess, he's pretty proud of himself when he's done!

Many of you know that my mom and I are on the Baby Center boards all the time, and alot of the ladies have been talking about their Ducky Baths --so we went out and got one! They are only $10.00 at Target, and Jackson gets the biggest kick out of it!

My little man is quite the mover and shaker these days! He is SOOOOO close to crawling! The little booger does so many yoga poses, yet will not just move that butt forward! He's great at sun salutation and downward facing dog--I'm not joking! He will push up on his hands, and lift his butt in the air and stand flat footed--then walk his feet toward his hands til he is in a perfect triangle, yet he can't make the simple move of crawling! He can turn from sitting to all fours, and then rocks back and forth...He's also pulling himself up--again, not joking!! I'm sure I'll have pics of that sometime this week!

A few weeks ago, we took Jackson on a walk and stopped by the park to swing--he LOVED it! He giggled and giggled and giggled, and during the whole thing, he kicked his feet like Fred Flintstone!! He also found his shadow--and kept looking around for it!


Sheri said...

I finally get to see new pictures of your little fellow!!!It has been to long. I bet gma and gpa dropped everything and ran right over to pick up Jackson. I sent Lea a picture of the Fresh Food Feeder - what a great idea!

Ramie Babcock said...

It's kinda messy! But he liked it--it's just better at night before bath time!

Annette said...

You bet we did! Although, Jackson made us keep calling to make sure all his daddy's fingers were intact:)

Ramie Babcock said...

Ha! Daddy kept all of his appendages this time! Simple b/c I opened all the bags and didn't let him use a knife--and I prayed alot while he used our new tile cutter!