Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Cold, Rainy Day

So this morning, it was super cold and Jackson and I cuddled under a big blanket til about 10:00! Then it was on to oatmeal, attempting to crawl, a little nap, some time on the computer for Mommy, lunch, then some more attempting to crawl! I tried to get Jackson's "downward facing dog", or as Adam calls it "one super pushup--man he's strong!" Jack Jack is also making a new sound that is absolutely histerical! I nearly pissed myself last night!

He's an interpritation: "da dadad ddad dad dadaddad? Dadadd? Da! Da! Da! Thmmmmmph" (spit flying every!)

Basically, he has an entire conversation with himself, using only one word, and then ends it by doing a raspberry with his lips, over and over and over again! Like he's trying to play a trombone, but gets slobber EVERYWHERE! It's so funny! Last night, the "talking" lasted for about 25 minutes, nonstop (like his mommy, huh?!)

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