Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Officially CRAWLING!!

That's right! We have a full on crawler on our hands now! He took a few movements forward on Friday in San Antonio, but didn't have much activity the rest of the weekend. But last night, the grandmas and Aunt Tacey came over, and he literally crawled across the living room! He is moving and a shaking now! My life will never be the same.....yikes!! ;)

In addition to that, he has started pulling himself up in his crib! I'll try and get a picture of it before we have to lower the mattress for the second time, but last night, Adam put Jack in his bed while I was putting some stuff away in his room, and when I turned back around, Adam said "Ramie, you have to see this..." and there he was, standing, looking up at us as if to say "Do you see me?! Look what I did!" I started crying....I'm not ready for him to be that big yet. It's all gone by so fast! He's so much fun now, and he's trying to communicate and move, and I love watching him learn and discover, but sometimes I'm selfish and want him to be the little helpless infant that I could lay on my chest at naptime.....that's why I photography as much as I do--I don't want to miss anything!!

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