Thursday, January 04, 2007

6 month Check-Up

Jackson had his 6 month checkup on Tuesday. He is 17 lbs. 8 oz (50th %) and 26.5" long (50th %) Dr. Wardell said he is one of her healthiest patients and encouraged me to continue breastfeeding as long as I can. Her solution for his sleeping problem--get his ass up at 6:00am everyday! (I kinda already assumed that could be the solution, it's just very hard for ME to get up that early! Ha!!) So we've been trying it the last couple of days, and so far so good. He naps better, and is getting to sleep about an hour earlier.

He also got 3 vaccines and the first round of flu shots. We have to go back in February for the 2nd flu shot--it's given in 2 parts. Unlike the last round of shots, Jackson did get a fever that lasted off and on during the day and really wasn't himself, but today, was all smiles again!

He is also soooo ready to crawl! He pulls his legs up under him and lifts his hands up and down, and rocks his little butt back and forth, just doesn't go anywhere--YET! Daddy said he is going to work with him every night this week, so hopefully there will be an update soon stating that Mommy has lost 10 lbs from running after this little devil--joy! Let's just all pray.....for the weight part that is!

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