Monday, January 29, 2007

Good morning Mommy!

This morning, Jackson woke up at 6:00am! So I had to drag my happy-ass out of bed too--do I sound bitter? I am...I am not a morning person!! So I took Jack into the living room so Daddy could get ready, and turned on Teletubbies. He sat there watching Teletubbies for about 30 minutes while I dragged myself into the kitchen for coffee...and since he was being so good, I started the laundry and picked up the house, dusted, Windexed, and wiped down the kitchen...I thought maybe Jackson was "re-scheduling" himself, but my mom thinks he is "re-scheduling" me!!

I also gave him his bottle this morning. We are starting to ween him off the breast, and while most 7 month olds can hold their own bottle, Jackson hasn't gotten a bottle too often, so him holding it on his own is fantastic!

Also, since I was up at the butt crack of dawn, I got to see the most amazing sunrise! These are from our back patio....okay, just from the door, it was too cold to walk outside!

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