Wednesday, December 27, 2006


After a long ride in the car, we showered, dressed and headed to Grandpa Scott and Grandma Netty's for Christmas Eve. We started with mass, then back to their house for our gift exchange. The weather was awful--rainy and cold. Adam thought we should pile all our gifts in the car, just in case we thought it was too cold to go back out in it. After mass, we drank champagne, ate meatball sandwiches, and then dove into the gifts. Of course, Jackson got to go first--he opened some little gifts from the grandparents--a discovery hammer, a cell phone, a book--but he was really more interested in the paper and the bows than anything else! Then Adam and I opened our gifts to each other--I am super excited about my guitar!! Finally, after about 5 years of asking for one, I am now an official owner! And Adam loved his Cabella game and Dewalt sander...and then more gifts for Jackson! A Leap Frong learning table, a i-bond from Aunt Stacey, Laugh and Learn puppy....He got worn out early, and with the weather crappy, we crawled into bed upstairs at my moms (going against my rule that my kids were to be in their own beds on Christmas Eve....) In the morning, Santa did a great job getting everything together and when Jackson and I walked downstairs, all his toys were sitting under the tree--without wrapping paper, naturally, cause Santa doesn't have time to wrap presents and Jackson seems to get worn out with the paper! Jackson's favorite was the TJ Bearytales--it was like his new best friend!! He just stared at it during an entire story!!

Later, we got dressed and headed down (8 houses away) to GG Jane's for Christmas day! Jackson was infatuated with cousin Nathan! Nathan goes to UT Austin and doesn't get to see Jack too much, so Jackson just sat and stared and played!! And we found a new use for a bink!! Then it was time for more presents (including the Rock N Roll Dino!), dinner, dessert, and a game of Family Feud!! It was so much fun!!

Between all the family time, the singing, the gifts, the food, etc....I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!


Sheri said...

Jackson, Adam, and You sure did have a busy few days. We had a wonderful day with all the kids on Christmas Eve.

LOVE-LOVE-LOVE the updates.

Thanks for the wonderful pictures of Jackson.

Ramie Babcock said...

Did you have a great 1st Christmas with Coop?! I bet it was just as fun as the chaos here in TX!! Send me some pics of the little guy!!

Ramie Babcock said...
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