Monday, January 29, 2007

Monkey Boy

When my little man decided to be mobile, he meant it! He's off and running...he is pulling up on EVERYTHING--yes, I said pulling up! He's crawling all over! Anywhere we go, he's following. We've also had to lower the crib, yet again, to one of the lowest levels, because as I posted earlier, he is pulling up in his crib! We found out how he gets up so fast too--he uses the bumpers as those are the next thing to go!

Last night, we were sitting on our bed after putting Jack down, and we heard him grunting--he was pulling and straining to get up in his crib! I walked by his room to my office, and as I passed, there his eyes were, staring at me from over the railing! (It was kinda scary...) So Adam quietly walked in, took him out of his crib, and set him on the floor. He wanted to see what he would do if he actually got OUT (I told him , "Nothing! He'd be lying on the floor hurt and crying!" But he wanted me to humor him and we went back into our room and waited...we could hear him coming! It took about 15 minutes, and we could hear him on the wood floor, but finally, he made it to our doorway, looked up at us as if to say "Hey! There you are! Why didn't you come and get me? Did you miss me!?" Oh, he is too funny.....

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