Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Bundle Up

This afternoon, we have painters in our home. I know, I know, the home improvement mavens caved and actually HIRED something done! (I wanted my doors and base boards painted in the whole house, and I wanted it done in a timely manner, so a friend of our suggested we use the crew that he uses in flipping houses, and then came out yesterday to give me an estimate, and started this morning, and should be DONE BY 5:00pm!!) Even though we are using water-based paint, the smell is pretty strong, so Grandma Netty came and stole my little man for the afternoon. Which gives me time to get some things done on the computer while I sit here and sniff paint fumes....yeah. But before they left this morning, we bundled Jackson up, since we are getting ready to get hit with a huge ice storm....he has the fattest cheeks in this pic, but I could just bite em!!

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