Tuesday, January 23, 2007

San Antonio 2

So Friday night was relaxing! On Saturday morning, we woke to more drizzle, but that didn't stop our adventures! Jackson got all bundled up, wrapped snuggly in his stroller, and we were off to visit the Scent Chips store! (I love these things! They are so much better than candles and can make your entire house smell in no time!) Jackson didn't know what to think about all the smells! But he was really good in the store--we got to make our own fragrance by mixing all the chips--it's like Bath Junkie with wax!

At around noon, Grandma Patty and Grandpa Doug arrived! We again got bundled up and headed out to buy some shoes, and check out the Children's Museum, but by the time we got there, Jack was asleep so we decided to skip the museum and go to Rain Forest Cafe for lunch. I really wanted Jackson to see all the animatron animals--and he really liked em! Adam and Doug took Jackson to see the gorillas, and he just STARED when they came to life! It was super cute! He wasn't scared, just very inquisitive...he would not take his eyes off that monkey!

Afterward, we headed up a few blocks to the Alamo. After walking around and burning some calories, we needed to warm up, so we stopped by a coffee bar, Drink, to get something warm. Jackson was tuckered out by this point, so while he slept, Mommy, Daddy and Grandma Patty had a "hot tottie": Irish Coffee. I'd never had one, but boy did it warm us up and put Mommy in a good mood!

We got back to the hotel, hung out for a bit, and Daddy's best friend from high school, Brad (aka "Jackson"--that was his nick name in high school!) Jackson kinda took a liking to Jackson Sr...he just loves new people!

That night at the wedding, Jackson slept through most of the ceremony (which was absolutely beautiful!) and when he did wake up, he was so good and didn't make a peep! We knew that since he slept for most of the day, he would be ready to party--and boy did he ever! He was even dancing on chairs!! Mommy and Daddy actually got to dance as well--first time in a long time! Jackson entertained us for a while, then conked out, and we called it a night at about 12:15.

The next morning, we went down and had a great breakfast in our jammy jams--then the sun came out! It was a great day in San Antonio so we hit the Riverwalk for some pics and lunch!

It was a great, relaxing weekend!

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