Monday, July 31, 2006

Bless this Child

This weekend, Jackson was baptised at St. Mary's Catholic Church. We were blessed to have both our families there, including his proud godparents, Uncle Clint (Adam's oldest brother) and Aunt Stacey (my sister). Jackson did so well during the entire ceremony and the remainder of the day! And not to mention he was the most stylish and well dressed baby ever! I had wanted him to be in a white suit during church, which I FINALLY found one a Dillards! It had a bow tie and everything! Adam, at first, thought it was ridiculous for him to have such a fancy outfit, considering we had an heirloom gown for him to wear, but after seeing him in his "zoot suit" he thought it was pretty cute and stopped whining about the cost!

For the actual ceremony, it is a tradition in Adam's family to wear a Christening gown the his Great Grandma Haugh wore in 1906. EVERY person in their family has been baptised in this gown! (and its never been pooped on, go figure!) So we changed him into it right before hand. Father Eugene Cargill was funny as usual. We said "The dress is 100 years old" and he replied "So am I!" Jackson, just like during his bathtime, did NOT like the water being poured on his head, but he only made a pouty face, squirmed a little, and then went right back to sleep. Did I mention he slept through mass and the baptism?!

After mass, we all went to Great Grandma Jane's for lunch--and yet another outfit! This time it was a onesie with a cross on it and a bib to match! We took pictures with Jackson next to his cake, just like the pictures of me on my christening day--and of course, he ran his arm right into the frosting! But you know what, he could have sat in the cake, and I would have thought it was cute!


Annette said...

Beautiful day, beautiful baby! Congratulations on the first of many Sacraments to come.

Sheri said...

He is so blessed to have parents like you. God has blessed you also.

What a beautiful gown and wonderful tradition! He is adorable in his suit too.

tAsH said...

I teared up a bit when I saw these pictures & read about the baptism. What a special event in a little life! Such a special Sacrament! Great pics!