Sunday, July 16, 2006

Baby's First Party

Adam and I had a going away dinner party for our friend Greg on Saturday. He is leaving for San Diego on Monday for Marine boot camp, so we had the gang over. Before everyone got there, Daddy gave Jackson a bath--at first, he loved it, then I think he lost interested and just wanted out!

Jackson spent most of the day in Uncle Wade's arms--he was wide awake when Wade got here, so just layed there staring at him! Then Aunt Rachel showed up, and he was mesmerized by her beauty! After dinner, all the boys headed down to Kemah to live it up at the bars, and Rachel and I hung out at the house just playing with the baby! He was in such a good mood when she was here--I think she liked him!

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Annette said...

He looks mighty comfy in those arms:)