Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Goodnight, Jackson

We had a mileston in our house last night--Jackson slept in his own room! He has been napping in his crib for a while now, with no problem, and sleeping in his pack n' play right next to our bed at night. I liked having him next to me so that I could check on him and hear him if he started to wake--and just to be able to stare at him sleeping was comforting. But last night, Adam and I thought it was time to start easing him into sleeping (at night) in the nursery. I nursed and burped him, and right as he was falling asleep on my chest, I put him in his crib with his binkie, kissed him on the forehead and closed the door. (His eyes were open when I left) I checked on him 5 minutes later and he was sound asleep! We put the monitor on HIGH so we could hear any little sound. It kinda made me sad. I thought maybe he would get scared in that room all alone, or think we were abandoning him. And then, of course, you think about all the bad things that can happen to him if you are not right next to him to save him (I am scared to death of SIDS). But I just have to remember that when I am not watching him, someone from above is, whether it's my grandpa or Adam's, he's got some pretty good angels.

But, the night went so well! He slept for 4 hours! In the past, I've nursed him with a small light on and the TV to VH1 (they have great videos from 1:00-5:00am, in case you wanted to know! Jackson is up to date on all the lastest top 10, our favorite being Pussy Cat Dolls Loosen Up My Buttons video--he's already checkin out sexy women!), but last night, we nursed in his room on the rocking chair with no TV and only the hall light on--I've read that you don't want to overstimulate them at their AM feeding, so that they go back to sleep easier--and it worked! Althought it made me very sleepy! Again, right as he was falling asleep, layed him in his crib, kissed him, and walked away. I guess I'm getting stronger, cause I didn't cry at all! Just got a little sad to think my little man is becoming more independent already....well, kinda!

And so far today, we've had a great morning. Right now, he is laying in his play gym. He was staring at the TV, so I turned on PBS and he's watching Elmo count to 19 (the number of the day)....I guess it's never too early to start, huh!


Sheri said...

WOW!!! You are a brave one - did mommy and daddy get much sleep? Way to go Jackson!!!

Ramie Babcock said...

We got some great sleep! I hated being brave--but it will be worth it in a few weeks when he is sleeping through the night!