Sunday, July 09, 2006

Pee, Poop, & Spit Up

He's only 11 days old, and already we have drama with the potty situation! When he was 4 days old, Adam was changing his diaper in the pack n' play that we have in our room. It is sitting next to the french doors that go into our backyard. As soon as Adam took his dirty diaper off and was reaching for a clean one, he shot pee over his shoulder all over the french door! Adam recovered quickly with the other diaper, but I think he learned really fast that you have to cover that little thing, or it creates a mess!

This weekend, we spent some time at my mom's house. On Saturday, right after I fed him (he's a really good eater!), I handed him to my mom so she could burp him. Right when she was sitting him up to put him on her shoulder, he spit up all over/down her shirt!

The next day, we were giving Jackson a bath at mom's, and when we got done, we wrapped him in his towel--he smelled so good! So clean! He did it again--first, he spit up all over. So much for clean! Then my mom said "Do you like being naked under that towel?!"--as soon as she said it, he peed. Not only on the towel, but out the towel, all down her leg, and onto the kitchen floor!

So then tonight, Adam & Jackson are sitting on the couch, watching Gladiator, and Adam lays him down on the couch. Anyone who knows me knows I am very particular about my house and furniture and everything being clean....I'm going to have to get over that. Yup, Jackson peed through his diaper and onto my microfiber couch! I grabbed the ChemDry while Adam ran to change him!

If he wasn't so cute, I would be mad---but I think I'll forgive him!

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