Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Baby's First Roadtrip: El Campo

We had a fantastic and eventful weekend at Adam's parents' house. After we packed up EVERYTHING in our house--pack n play, every outfit Jackson owns, ALL the burp clothes, the carseat, vaporizor, play gym, camera, video camera, diaper bag, 100 diapers, bottles (although mommy was an indiot and forgot the nipples), breast pump, pacifiers....literally, everything--and we headed out on our first road trip. Destination: El Campo, Texas. Jackson did great in the car on the way there. He slept the entire way, giving mommy and daddy a chance to actually have an adult conversation that didn't include "Did he have any blow out diapers today?" or "Was he gassy?" When we got there, we spent the entire evening just passing the baby from Gamma to Gampa (Grandma Patty and Grandpa Doug) The next day, Patty and I went to a Elliott and Kayla's baby shower, while Jackson stayed with Daddy and Uncle Clint. Adam's Grandma Vera and Aunt Claudia came into town for the shower and came to the house afterwards to see Jackson for the first time--Jackson was wide awake and just stared at Grandma Vera with his big blue eyes. She got him a present--a beautiful silver baseball bank with his name on it! It is so cute! Gamma Patty's friends also came by the house to see Baby Jack for the first time: Marty, Martha, and Crystal. It was pass the baby all afternoon, so needless to say, he didn't sleep too well that night! But Gamma Patty came to the rescue--it was like we were in the hospital all over again. She would come in and take him after I fed him, go in the living room and cuddle and sleep, and bring him back when the munchkin was hungry! Mommy and Daddy got some good sleep that night! Our niece, Marley, was over at the house all weekend and kept saying, "baby Jackson, baby Jackson!" She wasn't jealous of him at all until her mom held him, then it was "My mommy! My Daddy!" But she was really good with him--very gentle and very interested--although Ungle Agee was WAY more fun than that baby! We headed home on Sunday, but promised to return again soon so that he doesn't get too big before they see him again!


Annette said...

Can a baby be loved any more?!? Looks like you got lots of cuddle time:)

Ramie Babcock said...

Very loved! Almost spoiled!