Wednesday, July 12, 2006

All by ourselves!

We had a GREAT night and morning! I was so proud of both of us today! With our new vaporizer, Jackson slept so well, 5 hours straight! That's a record! Although it made Mommy nervous because he went so long without eating, but it didn't seem to bother him. We woke up together, ate, and then he layed in his bassinet just staring at his mobile while Mommy took a shower--such a good boy! I got COMPLETELY ready for the day without a peep from him! After I was ready to go, Jackson got a bath (this was the first bath that Mommy actually gave him--normally, Daddy does the bathing and Mommy is just there for support because the baby ends up crying through most of it) but today, Mommy was all alone and he didn't cry once! He loved it! Once we were bathed and smelling great, we packed up the car together and headed out the door--all by ourselves!! i know this doesn't seem like much to some, but for the past week, since I had major surgery with the c-section, Adam or my mom has been at the house to help us get going--so this was big! We went to lunch with Grandma Netty and Grandma Jane--the first of many luncheons together--and he was super. Again, he had a lazy day of sleeping through almost everything, including lunch, but he's been such a good baby!

Everyone keeps telling me "Enjoy him now, cause he'll grow up so fast. They don't stay little long..." It just makes me sad, and literally makes me cry. I don't want him to get big. I love him being this small--with his big eyes and cute little belly. And the adorable little faces he makes--he's just precious and I can't imagine him getting any bigger. Adam tells me I'm crazy to cry over something like that, but I just love staring at him at this stage and I wish he could stay small forever....I guess every postpardom mother thinks that! Hormones! I'll just have to keep taking TONS of pics to capture as many moments as possible.....

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Jana said...

It must be a new mommy thing b/c I feel the same way about Avery. Unfortunately they have to grow up and get big so we have to enjoy them while we can. He's precious!