Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Out on the Town

We had a pretty big day today--although Jackson slept through most of it! In the morning, Grandma Netty came by so Mommy could get some work done in her office--orders, phone calls, etc. Mommy finally got a chance to get out of the house and get some stuff done after that. First, we headed to the nail salon so Mommy could get her nails done--I had been going since I first got pregnant, so the ladies at the salon were excited to finally see him! Then, we hit the bank to cash some checks, then on to Target for a vaporizer. We took charge of that cold of his--Halleluah!! It worked!! Then last night, Daddy's friends Keith and Justin stopped by to see the baby. We had a big day!

This is a pic we took in the morning before Grandma came over--we emailed Daddy to see what he was up to and attached this picture! Too cute!

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