Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Jackson and Mommy had a FABULOUS day today! Much better than yesterday! Daddy left for work, and Jackson and I slept in--late. We were both tuckered from our feastful day yesterday, and it was raining outside, so we just cuddled for most of the morning, with many cat naps. Grandma Netty and Grandpa Scott came over for lunch and by that time, he was wide awake and VERY happy. Mommy jumped in the shower and Grandma played with Jackson in his play center--tummy time! He loves being on his tummy--a little too much. He conked out and napped for almost 4 hours! We ran the vaccuum--nothing. We re-arranged furniture--nothing. We tickled his back--nothing. He was out! We have come to realize the he is a tummy sleeper--a definate no-no due to the risk of SIDS. We were watching him like a hawk! He also really likes to be held up on your shoulder--again on his tummy.

Once we realized he wasn't going to be waking up on his own, we just put him in the car to go see Great-Grandma Jane--"J.J." Again, he was wide awake and so alert--it's amazing to me how much he has started taking in in the last week--he really studies faces now and can respond to sounds (my voice, obviously) but actually turning to look at whoever is talking to him. And he is holding his head up so well!

And we had a milestone this evening--his yucky umbilical cord fell off! Grandma Netty was changing his diaper and it just rolled off! Thank goodness it wasn't Mommy, cause I thought it was kinda gross--of course, Adam was all into checking it out and examining it. But it looks soooo much better and we are excited to be able to wash his belly now! Yeah, Jackson!


Annette said...

It's okay Jackson, even though you kinda grossed me out, grandma still loves you.

alicia said...

You are just too cute!