Sunday, July 16, 2006

Doctor Visits

Jackson and I both had to go to the doctor today--both for our 2 week check ups. Mine was on Thursday--everything is great, you can't even see the incision! Fantastic! And, I'm down 25 lbs! I knew that most of that was water weight....ha! We loved seeing all the ladies at Dr. Taylor's office--and they just loved Baby Jack! He was a hit! And he told Dr. Taylor "thank you for pulling me out!"

Jackson saw Dr. Wardell on Friday. She said he looks great! She thinks he's doing wonderful being a breastfed baby. He weighs 8 lbs 8 oz now, and measures 20 3/4" long--he's in the 50th percentile on everything! Perfect! He does fantastic at the doctor's office, I think he just likes staring at Dr. Wardell--although this time we had some trouble keeping their office clean. As soon as the nurse went to listen to his heart, he peed all over the we pulled out more paper and changed his diaper. As we were changing him, he pooped a little and it ended up on the paper, so we pulled out more paper again....then, as Dr. Wardell was checking his ears, he turned and spit up all over the again, more paper.....we owe them a tree! Once we checked out there, we were sent over the Clear Lake Hospital for his second round of shots for the Newborn Screen. We waiting and waited and waited. I wasn't nervous at all for him to get his shots. I think Grandma Netty thought I would cry, but I was a champ--Jackson on the other hand, screamed! When he started whaling, Grandma said "It's okay, baby, I'll buy you a pony!" And he stopped one of these days, we'll have a horse in the back yard! Ha!

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Annette said...

Build the barn, the pony's on it's way!!