Saturday, July 08, 2006

Jack's First Week

We had a really great week. He is 10 days old today, and we are falling more in love with him with every day that passes. He is holding his head up--he is so strong, it's ridiculous! We had our first doctor's appointment on Monday--he was doing great! Then on Wednesday, he woke up with a really bad cold and was just not acting like himself, so we had our second doctors appointment. He checked out okay, just needed some saline drops in his nose. He's feeling much better now!

The Fourth of July was great! We spent it over at Grandma Netty's house with all Mommy's side of the family. He got a little overstimulated and become REALLY fussy, so we've learned that he can't be passed around for too long before he needs a quiet place and a nap!

Next weekend, if all checks out with Mommy's doctor's appointment, we are going to try and head to El Campo for some grandma and grandpa Babcock time! He's getting so big so fast, that everyone needs a little sugar from him while he's still small!

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Annette said...

Next year, it's firecrackers and sparklers and I PROMISE you'll get ice cream!!