Sunday, July 27, 2008

Guess What?

Jackson is going to be a big brother!!

So here's the story. Adam and I have been trying for another baby for a while--4 months actually. Yup. Crazy, huh? Considering it only took 3 weeks the 1st time. Stressful to say the least. Our plan was to be preggers by Jackson's birthday and keep it a secret until then, and announce at the party--didn't happen.

Last week, I knew I had missed. Then, all of a sudden, I couldn't remember when my last cycle was. Did I miss? Did I miss calculate my start date? Am I cramping? Why are my boobs so sore? Why am I SOOOO FREAKING TIRED?! Well, Adam was out of town last Sunday, so I decided to take a test by myself. Instantly--POSITIVE. The funny thing is, even though we knew it was going to happen sometime, I was flooded with emotion at that one single moment of seeing it show 2 lines. My first thought: holy crap. This is going to change Jackson's life dramatically! What is he going to think? Will I still love him as much? Will he feel left out? Then, holy crap. I'm going to get fat again. Great.

Really, those were the only two things I thought about. I hate saying it, but I wasn't overly excited like I was the first go-round. Although, I have heard that from a lot of mom's now, so I don't feel so terrible about it now!

The next thing I did--went upstairs to the office to order the cutest shirt I had ever seen online! I had had the thought about a year ago that when we got pregnant again, I would get a shirt from Babies R Us that said Big Brother, and then write: "I'm going to be a" on the top--then I found this shirt when I was searching for his birthday shirt, and knew that I had to have it! And, I wouldn't say a word until it was here.

So I waited until Wednesday when it arrived to plan the announcement--that's right, 3.5 days later of keeping a secret! (and in fact, the UPS guy was the first person I told! Then Marcia, the receptionist at Dr. Taylor's office when I made the appointment!) WOW! That has never happened to me. I'm a blabber mouth--**NOTE: never tell me a secret. I have to tell at least one person. Unless you are my mom, my hubby, Rachel, or Stacey, I will tell someone your secret! With theirs, I keep my mouth SHUT, but anyone else is fair gossip people. Don't get all judgemental, you know you do it too! HA!**

When I told Jackson, the first thing he said was "A baby Anna?" NO. "A baby Mari?" NO. I've held two babies in the past 3 weeks--Anna and Mari--both of which Jackson LOVED! I asked him, "What is Mommy?" "Mommy pegant!" Yup.

So on Thursday morning, Adam was home from work and I knew I had to tell him then b/c we had our first appointment on Friday. So I put the shirt on Jackson, grabbed the video camera, and headed up stairs to surprise Daddy! I'll try and get that video online soon. He was shocked, kinda happy, kinda weirded out that I could keep a secret! All at once! But by the end of the day, he was elated!

We went to see Dr. Taylor on Friday--love that office! They were all excited to see us! We go back next week for an ultra sound and bloodwork, but in the meantime, she already started me on my Progesterone ( I had hormone issues with Jackson that could have caused me to miscarry had we not caught it soon enough) just to be safe.

On Saturday, I was super tired, but we had plans to finish the office closet and my parents were going to help. We were supposed to have my family over afterward for dinner and then have Jackson announce (same as with Adam) but I got really tired and cranky, pissed off at Adam, nothing was going right, so everyone left--no dinner, no announcement, and I went straight to bed to take a 3 hour nap. Lovely.

Later, we put the shirt on and headed to Memaw's and Pawpaw's with the video camera again and told them to come outside. Jackson said "ook at my chirt!" "Mommy pegant!" Mom and Dad and Tacey were both happy! WHAT? NO WAY! YOU ARE A LIAR! HOW COULD YOU KEEP THIS A SECRET? WHAT HAPPENED TO "I'M NOT HAVING ANY MORE KIDS?" THAT'S GREAT! WHEN ARE YOU DUE? etc etc etc....Then on to GG Jane's for more showing of the shirt, video, "WHAT? NO WAY! WHEN ARE YOU DUE? WERE YOU TRYING? HAVE YOU GONE TO THE DOCTOR? NO WAY! Again, I'll get the video up as soon as I can....

We called Adam's parents on our way home. We had called them earlier in the day, but they were working on their house, so we knew they would be done by 9:30 at night! Grandma Patty answered and we told Jackson, "Tell her the surprise. What is Mommy?" "MOMMY PEGANT!" Patty said "Isn't that a big word for a little boy? Couldn't you have taught him, "Mommy's going to have a baby!?" Jackson yells, "NOOOO!" HA! But I don't think she thought we were serious. Grandpa Doug asked, "Is this for real or did you just teach him to say that?" Once it sunk it, holy cow were they elated! Doug could not get on the phone fast enough! "Were you trying? That's great! That new house does it to you guys every time!" (which is true, we buy a new house, we get pregnant---FYI: we're never moving again.) We didn't get to chat long, but it made me feel good that they were so excited. The more excited everyone else was about it, the more excited I have become. I cried on the way home after telling the families--it made it all real then.

So we've only told a few people. This is our big announcement! We are due March 23rd (roughly) but due to the fact that my OB does not to VBACs, we will be scheduling a c-section the week before the actual due date. We'll find out more next Wednesday at the ultra sound.

Our family of 3 will become a complete family of 4 next spring. It's very surreal! We are so excited! Holding all these babies lately really puts you in baby mode. At this point, a lot is up in the air--how much will I be working, if at all. How much sleep are we going to actually get this time around (before, Jackson and I would nap on the days that we didn't get much sleep at night, but now I have a toddler, too!) I know Mom's do it all the time, it's just scary. I can barely handle one, I can't imagine two right now. Also, in the time that we have been talking about babies with Jackson, he has reverted a little and had a few accidents with potty training. And he wants to be held like a baby. And he wants me to hold him at night to fall asleep. This could get interesting.....

Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we journey through pregnancy once again! I'll be posting pregnancy updates on my photo blog, as not to take away from Jackson's blog! Caution: it could get vivid!! HA!!


Sheri said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! I am so happy for you 3. You and Lea might be having babies again the same year. Lea and Josh are to start trying in Aug. She wants to time it with the end of school.

Do everything the doctor says and get plenty of rest!

Jackson you will be a GREAT BIG BROTHER and a big helper to mommy and daddy!

andria said...

Get out!


I cried almost the entire time I was pregnant with Adam because I was sure that poor baby would never be loved the way Jacob was OR what if I loved him more? What would that do to Jacob?

You just love the second one, the same as the first. It's like they've always been there. IT's hard to explain. You will worry the entire time about it, but you'll see just how natural it comes the minute you see new baby! Trust me.

I am so happy for you.

I'll call you soon and well have dinner.

Lea Hamlin said...

Okay, I have to tell you.... First of all, Joshua and I are trying now, not waiting until August. Second of all, I have alread made and purchased a shirt that says the EXACT same thing!!!! HOW CRAZY!!!!

Congratulatons, look forward to watching you (both of you) grow!

Ashley White said...



The Orvis Family said...

I am so excited for you and Adam!
Now I REALLY REALLY have baby fever! I was tearing up just reading about it! Jackson will be such a great big brother!
We are going to hold out for a few more months...actually 1 year...we have a trip to Hawaii next July and we may try then...I hope I can hold out that long!
CONGRATS! I am so happy for you!

Ramie Babcock said...

Ashley! So good to hear from you! How the heck are you?! Are you still at NASA? Do you still see any of the ladies from our group--oh how I miss them! I've called Kim but I think I have the wrong number for her....

Take care! Email me at home when you can:

gma2jack said...

Okay, I'm over the shock and it's finally sunk in- wahoo!! Jackson told me he was going to change the baby's diapers, even the "stinky" ones. You're so lucky:)

malee said...

Congratulations Ramie! 'Yall will have to come over soon so Jackson can "practice" being a big brother!

Ramie Babcock said...

He's talks about Baby Anna all the time...we totally have to get together!!