Sunday, July 20, 2008

"Ooo Catch Nemo, Daddin?"--LONG Weekend

So on Friday, we had a busy day planned, and Daddin was heading out of town for a fishing adventure in Port Aransas. He and 5 buddies chartered an off shore boat for the weekend, and so Jackson and I had the weekend to ourselves!! YEAH! (no offense Daddy, we just like hanging out together!)

We got up early on Friday with a full day planned. We started out by picking Grandma Netty up and then heading Target to get a few things, then lunch, then to the library for Kindermusikk--which was a total bust. I don't know which was worse, the 3 5 year old boys that were running around like newly released hyenas, the singing voice of the fat lady teaching the class, or the fact that she is the OWNER of KINDERMUSIK and she DIDN'T INTERACT with the KIDS!! (we won't be going to her anytime soon for music lessons!) The class was supposed to last 1 hour--we skipped out after about 15 minutes. Oh well. It was an adventure.

That put us a little bit ahead of schedule, so we headed straight up to Kingwood Medical Center to see one of my good friend's Malee and her new baby girl Anna Malee! Jackson was super cute in the hospital. We had practiced saying "Hi, Baby Anna" in the car, and he said it so sweetly. When we got there, he didn't really like seeing Mommy hold the baby, but he stood next to me, with his hands behind his back (b/c I didn't want him touching the new baby--it would have made me a nervous wreck as a new mommy!) just looking! So sweet! Although, he did sneeze a HUGE sneeze while we were in the room and just about threw Mommy into panic! DON'T SNEEZE AROUND A NEW BABY, JACKSON! Sorry Malee!
I got some cute little shots of Baby Anna before it was time to head back home:

As we were leaving, Grandma Netty told Jackson to go tell everyone it was great to see them, and bye-bye. He went to Chris, shook his hand and said "Good to see you", then to Malee, shook her hand, "Good to see you", and then to Malee's mom, "Good to see you"! So polite!

On our way back to the Houston area, we called the Stowe family who was staying in Galveston. I knew they were at Moody Garden's so we thought we could meet them for a drink and dinner during their last weekend in Texas. They are the one's moving to South Carolina on Monday! How exciting!

Jackson slept the entire way down there, but was excited to see Charlie when we got to the hotel! We ate, drank, and has a great little visit with them. It was sad when they left, but I didn't cry b/c I know we will be visiting them VERY soon! Next summer at the latest!

On our way back home, we stopped in at Kemah. Every Friday night, they have a fireworks show on the boardwalk. We drove pretty fast to get there in time, and sure enough, Jackson yelled from the back seat "KEEBOOMs! KEEBOOMs! Right dare!!" Then, as I'm driving, "Park right dare, Momma! Park right dare!" "KEEBOOMs!!" He was thrilled!

We finally made it home, and then that night, as Jackson lay crashed out on the couch, I bought 2 movies from OnDemand: August Rush (freaking fabulous movie! If you haven't seen it, you HAVE to get it! Sooooo good! A great feel good movie! I cried--good kinda cry!) and the 27 Dresses (also a good movie, but not NEARLY as great as August Rush!!) oh, to bed at 3:45am...

Saturday morning, we slept in. Really. Like 10:45am. Really. Then, in full Ramie fashion, put on just enough clothing to be decent, same for Jackson, crawled down stairs, grabbed the keys, put Jackson in his car seat, and drove for donuts. 4 to be exact. Why? Becuase that's all a donut shop has at 11:20am. We meandered over the Grandma and Grandpa's to share our loot and just veg-out for the day. I didn't brush my teeth, I didn't brush my hair, I didn't even put shoes on. Not on Jackson either.!! I haven't had a lazy day in months so I took advantage. I apologize to any of my bride's that I put on the back burner this weekend--I am working Monday-Friday getting images posted and Amy's books done, and Valorie's bridals processed. I'll be working--I promise!

In the afternoon, GG Jane came over while Jackson was napping. We put together his John Deer Tractor that she got him as a birthday gift (really, she couldn't decide between the battery powered 4-wheeler or the John Deer, so she got both, thinking that she was going to save the John Deer for Christmas--yeah right! Do you know who my Grandmother is? She doesn't save anything for Christmas! It was like that last $10 in your pocket at Vegas burning a hole in her pocket!)

He LOVED the tractor! He's "fawmow Jack" on it! He picked up on how to peddle pretty quick, which really suprised me. He's a pro! After the tractor, we played in the sprinkler and went home to crash on the couch again! This time, it was Wizard's of Waverly Place (everyone knows I'm a Disney Channel junkie--I love the kiddie shows, so sue me!) and cheese cake for dessert. Oh, how great has our weekend been!

This is Jackson running over "I turn it up!"

We called Daddy when we got home--"Ooo catch Nemo, Daddin?" No. After chartering the boat, they caught nothing. Only 1 fish. 1 keeper out of 12 hours of fishing. Some guide that guy was. He said it was the worst fishing result he'd had all season--Really? And it HAD to be when my hubby paid you a bunch of money, didn't it?! Oh well....Jackson and I had a great weekend, and so did Daddin, even though he didn't get any fish! HA!


gma2jack said...

Welcome to the world Anna Malee!! Just watch out for that Babcock boy, he's a little charmer:)

Sheri said...

Anna is a adorable precious little one! Ramie isn't it time again for a little brother or sister for Jack?