Monday, July 14, 2008

4th of July

Again, no pics of the 4th of July...I was pretty tired of taking pictures and the thought of processing any more was daunting. Adam had to work on the 4th (Friday), so I worked all day at the house, and when Adam got home, we all changed and headed to Uncle Russ' house to watch fireworks. They have a great park with an awesome view of the fireworks over the lake. It rocked! Jackson kept yelling: "OOOHHHH! KeeBOOM! KeeBOOM!" When they were all over, he looked up at Uncle Russ and said "More KeeBOOM?! More KeeBOOM?" and then pointed, "Right dare, Uncle Wuss...Right Dare, more KeeBOOM!" I laughed so hard!! Apparently, it was Uncle Russ' job...he was in charge of the entire fireworks show, not the city of League City! Come on Russ!!

I'm just happy that we had no tears b/c of the fireworks! He really picks up on our excitement I think, and doesn't get scared. His eyes were huge the whole night! So cute!

We headed home and crashed. Jackson was asleep in the 4 minute car ride, so Adam and I sat on the back porch and listened to all the KeeBOOM's in the neighborhood and drank wine...then came in and bought the stupidest movie ever: Walk Hard, The Dewey Cox Story...Adam fell asleep, leaving me to watch the entire movie alone (I can't not finish a movie) He's officially fired from choosing the movies!! HA!!

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