Thursday, July 10, 2008


I'm so sorry guys that I haven't gotten Jackson's birthday posted...having some technical issues with the image files! I'm working on it and will be posting SOON!! There are a TON of pics! Also, I have updates from Delaney's birthday party, our Sunday with the Stowe's, Jackson's 1st movie, him sleeping full time in the guest bedroom in a full size bed, 4th of July, KEEBOOMs, and much more...

I've been working like mad on wedding images. You guys all know that this was a busy summer for me, so bare with me! I have bride's to take care of too, and they pay me, so unfortunately, Jackson's blog always gets put on hold! But, I PROMISE, I am taking some time off and will be frequently (daily) updating Jacker B's blog for all of you to keep up with his daily conversations! I'm going to try and find a link that I can just put his cute little phrases on as they Twitter or something!

Stay tuned! Much to come tomorrow or this weekend! I swear!!

Love you all!!

~Ramie--a very tired and overworked momma!~

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