Wednesday, July 16, 2008

"Twim Twim, PawPaw"

On the 5th of July, we had a birthday party for GG Jane (if you do the math, that's a birthday a week for us in June-July: Grandpa Scott, Grandma Netty, Grandpa Doug, Jackson, GG Jane...and if everyone were still alive, we would have added GG Joe, and GG Dutch too! Not to mention [aunt]Rachel, [aunt]Lindsey, and Keith! YIKES!!)

So we have dinner at Mom's, along with swimming. Jackson is a fish--hands down, loves the water. He's a really great swimmer too...with his floaties and tube, he's a rockstar. If Mommy is in the pool, we've been working on just the floaties, or just the tube to build up some muscles....maybe next summer we'll be swimming with one or the other, but for now, we are safe with both. So safe, that I can sit on the side of the pool and just watch him wade around in the water. I feel comfortable doing that--and I'm a little over protective when it comes to water!

So on Saturday, Jackson and Grandpa Scott were pretty much the only fish in the water. So PawPaw took him for a ride, while the rest of us played Wii! Oh, the bowling + tennis tournaments were ON!! I love Jack Jack in his little sun glasses: he's say "too bright, Momma!" He has no problem wearing them and keeping them on in the water--now out of the water is a different story! He's so fair skinned that we keep him pretty covered and coated with SPF. I'm terrified on him burning! (and secretly, I want him to have this same perfect skin when he's older--I've learned my lesson about the sun/wrinkles/sun spots/etc!

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