Friday, July 11, 2008

Jackson's 2nd Birthday!!

It's hard to believe that my BABY is 2! He's talking up a storm, he's potty trained, he sleeps in a full size bed (more about that later), he puts on his own clothes, speaks in full sentences, says "please" "thank you" "yes ma'am" "no sir" "I'm working, Momma""I playing, Momma", gets put in time out, loves Thomas the train, calls people on the phone, has an unbelievable goodness! He's a real little man, if you will! His birthday was a blast! I had so much fun planning it and putting in full motion. As my mom says, we don't throw parties, we have events at our house! I'll have more pictures later, but the planning started a month in advance with his invitations. Then the shopping, then the creating of the Texas-size decorations, then the making of his AWESOME cake (more pictures of that process later!), the cooking of all of the food, and then the guests!! We had so many great people come to Jackson's party! It was a lot of fun! I think he was overwhelmed with all of the gifts (a no little boy needed that many gifts!) but he had alot of fun!

The kiddos at the party played on the swingset, played on the Whale-Tale pool slide, ate sand in the sand and sea table, and ate at Jackson's new picnic table...and "got all jacked up" on sugar!! Sorry parents, we had TONS of sugar!

Jackson and Mommy and Daddy took a family picture, then Jackson high-tailed it to the Whale Tale! He's been wanting to play on it for days, we just didn't have time. So, as soon as he had the green light, we put on his suit and dove it! He LOVED it!

After getting all wet, it was time to eat! Adam did a great job on all the food, again. His brisket was amazing and the fried turkey was to die for! My mouth is watering just thinking about it! Thank you to GG Jane and Memaw for helping with 2 of the sides, too! There was enough food to feed us for 5 days! Yikes!

After dinner, we did presents! And TONS of presents did we open! His face is priceless in some of these! hmmmm....which one should I open now.....OH COOOOOOOL! Momma LOOOOOOK! After each present, he would go and give the person who gave it to him a big hug! So sweet! "Tank too!"

After dinner and presents, we sang happy birthday--correction: JACKSON sang happy birthday to everyone like he was on stage! It was pretty funny! We sang, blew out candles, and then blew bubbles on him, much to the dislike of Memaw and GG Jane...oh well, it's my house.

After the party died down, Jackson wanted to ride his 4-wheeler that GG Jane got we hung out in the garage for a while Jackson drove his hot-rod around (safely, with his helmet! HA! He's so cute in it!!)

That night, we just laid around and and nice.

The next day, we headed to Miss Delaney's birthday party in the Woodlands, and then got to meet up with the Stowe family afterwards. The Stowe's are moving to South Carolina, and so we offered to buy all of their Thomas the Train items and funiture so that they did not have to move it all--and we SCORED!! They were so generous! We bought (for a FRACTION OF THE COST) a TON of peices of Thomas...Jackson was in heaven! So, we were able to meet up with them to pick up all of the peices since they missed the birthday party due to packing. Bummer!

In the process, we all decided to go to a movie: JACKSON'S FIRST MOVIE!! YEAH!! We went to Wall-E...he LOVED it! Although we had to go to the potty 3 times (each time we pottied, even though Mommy thought is was game) he sat through the entire thing and watched attentively. I was very impressed! 2 years old....ready for the movies....goodness!!

After the movie, we went to have an adult beverage and Jackson got to open his presents from them. Charlie got Jackson some great Thomas pieces! How appropriate!!

When we got home, Jackson was EXHAUSTED and we put him to bed, then headed to the playroom to "tranform" it into the greatest toy room ever!! That room really does rock now!!

We had a GREAT birthday weekend...and are still trying to burn off all of that cake and cake batter 3 weeks later....lovely....


Sheri said...

WOW!!! Your mom finally posted your birthday pictures. Sure does look like you had a GREAT time! Wish we could have been there.

Lea Hamlin said...

What a party. I don't know how you have the energy for it!!! Love the primary colors!

Jeff Sistrunk said...

Jackson! It looks like you really enjoy the whale pool. Make sure you tell mamma and dadda to keep the whale pool aired up and water runnin' all summer!


Ramie Babcock said...

We will! He had a WHALE OF A TIME at the party--HA HA HA! LOL! ...quote from Adam!