Sunday, July 27, 2008

BIG big boy bed

For Jackson's birthday party, we invited Grandma Patty and Grandpa Doug to stay the night after the party was over. We FINALLY have room and a place for them to stay whenever they come into town (we had a couch and a floor in the old house--Jackson was still in a crib then and we had wood floors, so it was difficult to have anyone stay the night!). My mom was cleaning out her upstairs with the intent of getting new carpet and re-decorating once Stacey is moved out, so I offered to take my old bed off of her hands!! HA! It's a full size bed...which is perfect for our spare bedroom.

So we got the bed, a night stand, a lamp, and a headboard from them about 2 weeks before the party. Little did we know that THIS would become Jackson's favorite (and only) place to sleep.
When we got the bed, Jackson immediately wanted to sleep in the new bed. So, I let him. Then, the next night, it was "I sleep in Momma's bed?" NO. "I sleep in Daddin's bed?" NO. "I sleep in Memaw's bed?" You mean the guest bedroom? "Yes, Jackson sleep in the geeeuuuusstt-bed...woom!" And this is where he sleeps now. In fact, he told me the other night as I was putting his jammy-jams on: Do you want to sleep in your own bedroom tonight? "No momma, it too mall." So, he's in the big boy bed....we'll be changing the crib/toddler bed into the full size bed soon and putting that mattress in his room. He sleeps so well in it--through the night and WELL into the morning--until like 9:00am! He gets a full 13 hours of sleep at night! I love it!

This bed has also finally allowed us to be on a night time routine: bath at 7:00-7:20, jammies by 7:30, milk and pick out books til 7:40pm, read stories til 7:55pm, close our eyes and try and be out by 8:00pm. So far so good, he's usually out by the 2nd story! Yeah!

Some shots of Jack Jack sleeping in his BIG big boy bed:

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Sheri said...

Jackson looks so comfy and relaxed. SSSHHH he's sleeping!