Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Wiggles!!

A few months back, I found out that The Wiggles were coming to Houston. I was super excited! Jackson has been watching The Wiggles since he was about 10 months old (I'd have to go back in the blog archive to really find out when, but it's been a LONG time!) He really likes them, follows along with the videos, dances, sings, etc. So I thought it would be fun to see them LIVE! Adam just about had a come-apart over how much I spent for the tickets, but I'm sure he'll get over it! "Put it on my tab....!"

The concert was Aug 4th (for you blog readers, can you tell I'm a little behind...you can blame the new baby later!! HA!) I only took my little camera b/c we took the BIG video and I didn't want to take a whole nother bag just for techy stuff, but surprisingly, I love the video that my little camera made!! The pictures are not that great, but the video is what I really wanted!

When we got there, Jackson was just in awe--the stage, the lights, the music...and this was all before the Wiggles even came out! Once the show started, he just stared for a little bit (I'm not sure if it was disbelief, or that he was just taking it all in!) The guys all came out into the audience too: Jeff, Murray, Anthony, and the new guy Sam! He kept pointing and saying "loook Mama!" He was into the show THE ENTIRE TIME!! All Hour and 40 minutes!! I was so proud!

I have to say, Adam told me in the car on the way home "I didn't want to kill himself" while we were there, and he actually kinda enjoyed it. He thought it was fun seeing Jackson so excited!! But again, it's 4 grown men dancing--not a grown man's idea of fun....well, maybe for some, I don't know! HA!

I don't have any decent pictures of Jackson and I, and you can see why--it took 3 shots to even get one and it's not very good:

At the end of the show, Jackson kept saying "Thank you, Momma! Thank you, Momma!"

He conked out in the car the minute we were out of the parking garage and stayed out even after we got home! He was one tired Wiggles fan!!

And now for video montage part I:


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Sheri said...

I wish the WIGGLES were in Kansas. Would LOVE to take Cooper to see them. Looks like a lot of FUN!!! Jackson looked mesmerized by it all.