Monday, July 14, 2008

2 year checkup

We took Jackson to the doctor after his birthday party (I didn't want him to have a runny nose from the waiting room--inevitible!) Dr. Perona said he's one of the healthiest kids she knows! His stats: 26.4 lbs (35%ile) 35 inches long (75%ile) Holy cow, Jackson, you are a little taller than most kids your age! Go figure! Enjoy is while you can, b/c Mommy and Daddy were both the SHORTEST in the class through school, and I believe you will be no different--you are going to have to be fast, that's all I can say!

After the doctor we ate lunch at Classic Cafe and then headed to Kemah to ride the rides! (We thought we were going to be getting shots, but we were short by about 5 days on getting his last shot, so we'll wait til the next appointment to get it!)

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