Friday, February 15, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

I was woken up by Jackson's barking--he had heard the dogs next door yipping, and he was in my room yipping to me like an annoying alarm. W got up and dressed for the day. We made strawberry muffins and sang "do you know the muffin man" over and over. We left the house and met up with Grandma Netty and Aunt Tacey for a Valentine's Day lunch at Chili's.

Jackson had Valentine's for everyone that were little cards with a dum-dum attached--unfortunately, no one would get the dum-dum because Jackson would take the Valentine, remove the dum-dum, then hand them their card! EVERY TIME! Karl, Grandpa, GG Jane, Miss Pam...none of them got dum-dums, and my child was the most sugar hyped kid in the city!

After running some errands, we ended up at Grandma Netty's to make cup cakes! Jackson, of course, got to help out before his nap:

Then we woke him up so we could get home:

Once we got home, he finally got to eat his cupcake:

We were all in bed, asleep, at 8:45pm--how romantic!! HA!

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