Tuesday, February 05, 2008

A Day with Daddy

We got up this morning with the excitement of going to the Little Gym! It's Tuesday--I cam honestly say that I look forward to this day each week. Jackson gets the biggest smile on his face when we remind him that we are going to the Little Gym and start singing. Adam is off of work every other Tuesday (random, I know) so he had the pleasure of going to week 3 with us! Last week, taking pictures of Jack Jack AND assisting him AND spotting him AND chasing him got a little crazy, so I thought Adam could participate this time and I would just watch--but that didn't happen! Jackson was so proud of the fact that his daddy was there, that he kept running up to him and hugging on him and patting him! And oddly, Adam was the ONLY daddy there this week--last week, there were 4, this week, just Adam! Although I did get some fun shots of him--they worked on Donkey Kicks and, he did a somersault off the big wedge with no problem! "Touch your toes! Look at your belly button! Arms up--TA-DA!" This class really makes me miss the days that I taught gymnastics--I love the kids and I love watching their faces when they've done something new!!

We went to lunch, then off to our stock broker for our bi-annual meeting. With the market like it is, we needed to check up on Jackson's custodial stuff--the account he will never know he has until college or marriage!

We stopped by to see GG Jane, then to Grandma Netty's, then home. I am uploading TONS of wedding images and ordering prints and ordering books and finishing up creating books for clients that I am WAY behind on, and Jackson is sound asleep in his big boy bed. Ahhh...the best thing we ever did! He woke up last night while I was still working in the office and I could hear him fuss, then the pitter patter of little feet on the hardwood, then a fuss again, and "Momma?! Momma?!" After a little cuddling, I put him back in his bed and laid my head down next to him til he fell asleep--he grabbed my face and pushed me out of the bed!! What? Attitude? Fine! I'll leave you alone!!

Also, I didn't post yesterday b/c I'm sure no one wants to see pictures (I DID NOT TAKE ANY) , but Jackson pooped in his potty for the first time yesterday! We are super excited! We called Daddy and Grandma Netty--then we got 3 stamps on our hand!! He was so proud of himself--he kept pointing to it "dat dat there" "dat dat there" ("that right there"). Just a little victory in our house for the day....

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