Friday, February 08, 2008

Play Date Friday

Today was a play date friday with our MOPS group (Mothers of Preschoolers) and our destination: Lupe Tortillas! It's a great Mexican food place that has a giant sand pit/play gym place in the front. Why other restaurants haven't come up with this idea, I have no clue, but all of us moms piled onto the patio and let the kids run wild while we enjoyed our Sangria Margaritas and, chips, salsa, and tacos! Jackson was enthralled by the "big" boys that came today-they were 5 and Jackson wanted to do whatever they were doing! He also had a great time on the teeter-totter with Miss Hannah Grace, our walking buddy. Right now, Jackson is covered in sand, yet asleep in his bed (I'll have to wash sheets tonight...lovely) and I am covered in sand and pinto beans (because he sat on my lap and when he would miss his mouth, my jeans would catch them, along with the juice...again, more laundry)

We are heading out the door after his nap for our daily walk with the girls--we live so close to my friends Paige and Melissa that we have been meeting up every day to work on our "dead sexy bodies!" by walking for an hour. Hopefully, we'll all be bikini ready by April 1st when Paige gets her new pool!

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